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I'm happy to share with you a collection of pictures of a tractor, a trailer, and a some random machinery from my parents farm in Wyoming. The amount of wear these machines have endured through both overuse and neglect fascinates me. These images are a great way to see how time and lots of hard work cause different materials to deteriorate.

This pack of photos is mainly intended for artists to use as reference of how different materials wear over time. However, feel free to use the photos in any way you wish! You can see that some parts of the machines have been repainted, repaired, and replaced, and different parts have worn over time. There are photos of worn metal, rubber, plastic, glass, insulated hoses, wood, stickers, and more.

Anyway, thanks for looking and I hope these pictures are useful to you. Please forgive the imperfections as some pictures ended up overexposed or out of focus - I thought they might still come in handy to someone besides myself. Maybe I'll make a new set using a better camera next time I visit. Until then, enjoy!

(These photos are licensed under CC0 and can be used in any way for free. They can be used for commercial and noncommercial purposes. No credit necessary. See the included license for more information.)

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